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Avidaid has undertaken projects in many industries. The following examples represent a small sample of our work.

Click on a report or web page icon in the right hand sidebar to view details about the project. This will open in a new window or tab. When you are done, click in the top right corner of the screen or just close the window or tab.

Some of the documents are in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view them. You can download a free copy from the Adobe web site by clicking the Get Adobe Reader icon.

A publishing company needed a book cover and typesetting for a new novel in hard cover, paperback and e-book editions. The example shows the full spread on the hard cover edition. View >>

Joseph Campbell told the story of a man who went to Japan to study Zen. He found a master who welcomed him into his house and poured tea. As the cup filled, the man watched until it reached the top and spilled over. "Stop," cried the man. "It's full." The master put the pot down and said, "As is your mind. You must empty it before I can teach you anything." This 2016 article explores writers retreats and how they serve to clear the the mind and allow writers to think more clearly. View >>

A company that presents automotive instruction wanted to document a seminar on fuel injection systems. They contacted Avidaid Media to attend the seminar, write an article for their newsletter and provide photography. View >>

Our founder writes a technology column for the online magazine BoomersForever.com. This article from 2008 discusses the introduction of e-books. View >>

This article reviews Hewlett-Packard's Photosmart A826 Home Photo Center system that prints photographs from a computer or directly from a camera's memory card using ink that is guaranteed to last over a century. View >>

This article is an opinion piece written after the passing of the great science fiction writer Arthur C. Clark. It is both an obituary of his life and an examination of why his science fiction and non-fiction are still important to the world. View >>

Two companies needed press releases to announce the same information in their own corporate formats. Avidaid used their templates to produce the releases. View >>

A designer of hand stitched baby clothes and accessories needed a brochure. Avidaid wrote the ad copy, hired a mother and baby as models, shot the principal photography and manipulated the images in Photoshop. View >>

A company wanted to announce a new service. Avidaid worked with the client to determine the message they wanted to communicate and created a set of advertisements by writing the copy, adding stock images and manipulating them with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. This example is for a full page magazine ad. View >>

This is a half-page ad for the client above showing how Avidaid expressed the same message by altering the format and compressing the copy. View >>

This humorous full page ad expresses the notion that credit checks alone cannot guarantee a good tenant. View >>

A company that presents stress management workshops needed a four page brochure. The client provided the copy. Avidaid added stock photos, created the layout and brought all of the elements together using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. View >>

A client required a new database to track the production of electronic equipment. Avidaid performed business analysis for the project, installed an Oracle SQL database on an HP/UX server and documented the data structures. View >>

A Nova Scotia aerospace company needed a user manual for its aerial surveillance product. It had to be concise and easily understood by customers. Avidaid produced a user manual and on-line help. View >>

A world-wide manufacturer of electronic equipment updated its production software and requested a class to teach the technicians. Avidaid researched the software and the company's product line and devised hands-on, classroom seminars. Students came from three contents to attend. Each received a student study guide for use in the class and to take with them as a reference. View >>

A manufacturer of electronic devices needed a new web-based application to solve their Y2K problem. Avidaid documented the requirements and system design so that management could understand the system and software developers could build it. View >>

A client used the C++ programming language to create a database application. One of the features was a class to provide unique exception handling and message passing. Avidaid used Trolltech's cross platform QT product to create the application and Doxygen to write the documentation. View >>